Through My Eyes

Created 23 years ago
Born and Raised in Southern Los Angeles


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Kelly Blevins | on Tumblr (USA)

Kelly Blevins is a Pittsburgh-based artist combining social stigmas of nudity, politics and philosophies. The body of work she produces is generally large in scale to create clear, strong statements in relevance to universal concepts related to human nature. Each drawing starts by applying charcoal powder with a large brush for basic shape and composition. Thereafter, an eraser and a charcoal pencil are used to develop a realistic representation of her visions. Kelly’s has been honored awards in Illinois, Arkansas, Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Idaho.

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Pay no heed to this. As long as you’re unhurt… pay no heed and move on.

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Dragons don’t like fairies

Dragons don’t like fairies

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Some cute Pokemon Animations for your blog ^^;

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